Terms and Conditions

  1. These are the terms and conditions applicable to Friends of Middlesex Tennis (‘Terms’). In these Terms, ‘you/r’ or ‘Friends’ refers to the Friends of Middlesex Tennis.
  2. All benefits associated with the scheme can only be used by the named person signed up to the scheme.
  3. All Middlesex Friends will be entered into a Wimbledon Tickets ballot, available only to Friends of Middlesex Tennis. Tickets will be made available at face value to those drawn from the Friends ballot.
  4. Friends who receive Wimbledon Tickets will need to sign and adhere to the LTA conditions for receipt of Wimbledon Tickets, before tickets are sent out.
  5. Any Friend of Middlesex Tennis under the age of 9 will not be eligible for inclusion in the Wimbledon Ticket Ballot.
  6. Friends of Middlesex Tennis membership is non-refundable.
    Friends of Middlesex Tennis are obliged to inform Middlesex Tennis of any change of status, email address, address and telephone number.
  7. Once a Friends of Middlesex Tennis membership has been purchased then the Friend is entitled to the benefits of the scheme for a period of 12 months from the purchase date.
  8. Middlesex Tennis reserves the right to reject an application for membership or to terminate a Friends membership at any time due to reason of misconduct or unacceptable behavior by a Friend. In the event that Middlesex Tennis terminates a Friends membership in accordance with this clause, no refund will be given to that member for the cost of their membership for any remaining period of their membership.
  9. Friends of Middlesex Tennis may be required to adhere to additional conditions for a particular benefit linked to the scheme.
  10. Once you have signed up for Friends membership you will receive an email confirming your membership. If you have not received this confirmation email you will need to contact the Middlesex Tennis Office.
  11. If your Friends membership subscriptions are paid by Direct Debit, we will automatically renew your membership after 12 months and collect the monies for the coming subscription period unless you notify us that you do not wish to renew your membership by the date stated in your renewal letter.
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